Removal of Overhead Power Lines

BC Hydro crews are on-site this week to run power lines through the new ducting that was recently installed underneath the bridge. When finished, they will permanently remove the overhead power lines that span the waterway. Putting these power lines under the bridge  not only improves the esthetics of the project, but also removes the risk of injury and/or death to the many birds of the Gorge area from hitting the overhead power lines when taking off from the water.

2014 03 19 - 12

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Update on Concrete Crash Barriers

The concrete has been poured and forms removed for the crash barrier on the east side of the bridge. Electrical crews installed the wiring and components for the bridge lighting inside the form.

2014 03 19 - 50

2014 03 19 - 04

The concrete barrier on the west side has now been formed on one side and will be ready for concrete once the electrical crews have installed the wiring for the bridge lighting inside the form.

2014 03 19 - 10


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Forming the Concrete Crash Barriers

Crews have completed pouring and placing the concrete on the roadway portion of the bridge deck. They are now working on forming the concrete crash barriers that sit between the roadway and the bike lane/sidewalk on each side of the bridge.

2014 03 07 Crash Barriers

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Pouring the Deck Concrete

Crews began pouring concrete on the roadway portion of the new deck today. These videos and photos show the first loads of concrete being pumped and poured and the deck finishing machine spreading the concrete evenly across the deck.

2014 02 20 pic 1

2014 02 20 pic 2

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Project Schedule Update

The most recent schedule submitted by the general contractor shows the opening of the new bridge and Admirals Road between Island Highway and Gorge Road in late May 2014. Unknown factors such as weather conditions have been taken into consideration in the schedule.

Next steps in the bridge construction, which need to be completed before the bridge can be safely opened to traffic, include the pouring and curing of the concrete deck and sidewalks/cycle path, installation of railings, drain pipes, lighting and ducting, approach road paving and finally line painting. Crews are working diligently to improve upon the schedule.

The completion date for the entire project (which includes completion of final civil works and landscaping after the road is opened), remains at mid-June 2014.

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Installation of Rebar for Concrete Deck

Bridge crews are currently putting the finishing touches on the installation of rebar in preparation for the start of concrete installation on the roadway portion of the new deck. Pouring is scheduled to begin late this week and will take place over the next couple of weeks, weather dependent.

Meanwhile, other crews continue with the installation of sidewalks as well as hydro ducting underneath the bridge deck.

2014 02 19 Rebar 2

2014 02 19 Rebar

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Placement of Deck Panels

Work continues on placing the concrete deck panels onto the bridge trusses. The west side deck panel placement is quick and straightforward. However, the placement of the east side panels is a bit more complicated as they are too heavy to be lifted by the crane. To install the east side panels, the contractor has designed a mechanism to allow the panels to be winched out to the edge of the bridge and then lowered into place by hydraulic jacks.

Once all deck panels are in place, a concrete road and sidewalk will be poured on top.

2014 01 24 West panel

2014 01 24 Outboard panel on cradle

2014 01 24 Pulling panel out

2014 01 24 Span 1 deck panels

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