Was the building of a new Craigflower Bridge put to a public vote before they decided to go ahead?
The project was approved by the View Royal and Saanich Councils. Stakeholders were consulted in 2010 and 2011. Two open houses were held in 2011. A large number of stakeholders were involved including local schools, First Nations, environmental groups, fishers, community associations, CFB Esquimalt, residents, businesses and many others.

Why do we need a new bridge?
The old wood trestle bridge was 80 years old and at the end of its life. Some piles were rotting and some structural members had cracked showing signs of excessive loading. It was designed for trucks that are half the weight of today’s vehicles. There were no bike lanes, and the sidewalks were very narrow (90 cm); too narrow for a wheelchair to pass a cyclist or stroller.

What seismic standard is being used for this bridge? What does that mean?
This will be a ‘lifeline bridge’, meaning it will remain usable following a major earthquake.

What is the design life for the bridge? Does that include the foundations, approaches?
The design life for the bridge is 75 years.

Will the bridge require major maintenance or rehabilitation work at some point in its life? When?
Yes. The bridge deck and steel trusses will require a major overhaul after about 25 years. Ongoing maintenance will be required for electrical systems, graffiti removal, snow clearing and so on. These costs are anticipated in our financial planning.


When will the project begin? (When will the road be closed?)
The project began in April 2013. Admirals Road from Island Highway/Craigflower Road in View Royal to Gorge Road in Saanich is currently closed to traffic.

What is the duration of the project?
Construction on Admirals Road from Gorge Road to Cowper Street, as well as Gorge Road from Admirals Road to Tillicum Road, is complete.

However, due to delayed acquisition of steel and complexities with steel fabrication required for construction of the bridge, the schedule for the re-opening of Admirals Road from Island Highway to Gorge Road, originally planned for December 2013, will be set back to Spring 2014.

Where will all of the construction workers park?
They will park on the construction site (ie. not on residential streets).

Will the construction work be noisy?
The work is noisy. The Contractor plans to work from 7 AM to 7 PM weekdays. Longer hours will be considered if the work falls behind schedule. Some work may be done on Saturdays to maintain the schedule. Sunday work will be considered in exceptional circumstances. A critical phase was the installation of piles, which is now complete. Excavation is also nearing completion; the noisiest construction activities are finished.

What happens if archaeological remains are encountered?
Human remains have been found and were dealt with in partnership with the Songhees and Esquimalt First Nations. Throughout the project, archaeologists were on-site monitoring all excavation as required by the Archaeological Branch. After appropriate ceremonies, lead by First Nations Elders, the remains were reinterred.

Are there any environmental issues working in this area? The work is being done under the supervision of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. Major concerns are herring and salmon, as well as the colony of rare Olympia Oysters that are under the bridge. The temporary work bridge will be removed in April 2014 and this will be the last of the in-water work. Some rehabilitation of the banks will be required.

Is there an impact to users of the waterway?
Access for boaters has been maintained.


Who is the contractor for this project?
Don Mann Excavating Ltd is the prime contractor and Ruskin will be the bridge builder.

If I have a complaint, who should I send it to?
E-mail admiralsroad@saanich.ca or phone 250-475-5575. Construction related concerns can be directed to Don Mann Excavating directly at 250-479-8283.

Where can I get more information?
Project information can be found at:
Email: admiralsroad@saanich.ca
Web: www.craigflowerbridge.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/CBRProject


What is the capital cost for the bridge? How is it being funded?
The bridge is about $12 million. The contract is for about $16 million. Admirals Road from Gorge to Cowper in Saanich is about $2.5 million. The balance is the approach roads in Saanich and View Royal. We have a $10,775,000 grant from the Gas Tax Fund, as well as a $320,000 grant from ICBC. The project is within the available budget.

Will this project impact my taxes?
View Royal may have to increase taxes to cover expenses beyond the grant funding. Certain planned capital projects in View Royal have been postponed to future years.


How are pedestrians and cyclists accommodated?
The east sidewalk has been opened for pedestrians and cyclists.

Will the Truck Routes change?
Truck traffic will be required to detour around the construction site. The Truck Detour consists of Six Mile Road (Highway 1 southbound) Exit, Island Highway from Six Mile Road to Admirals Road (temporary route), Admirals Road south of Island Highway, Craigflower Road, Colville Road, McKenzie Avenue, Highway 1, and Tillicum Road south of Highway 1. Note: Helmcken Road, Burnside Road, Tillicum Road north of Highway 1, and Carey Road are not permitted truck routes.

Does transit change?
All bus routes have been restored to original schedules and routes.

How can I pick up and drop off my children at Craigflower School?
There is limited passenger drop off space. Some parking is available on Admirals Road north of the school as well as in the Gorge Park parking lots. A temporary drop off zone has been placed on Admirals Road near the school.

Pedestrians will access the school from the south, over the new bridge. Students are encouraged to use the new crosswalk and beacon because there will be some construction traffic on Admirals Road on the north side of the bridge.