Protecting the environment and increasing sustainability are priority for the Craigflower Bridge Replacement Project.

Environmental Considerations

Authorization has been obtained from the Department of Fisheries & Oceans (DFO) for construction. The project’s environmental consultant, Applied Ecological Solutions, is observing construction activities to ensure DFO compliance throughout the project. Considerations include:

Potential environmental impacts have been mitigated through modifications to project scheduling and other strategies developed by the project’s environmental consultant.

Sustainability Considerations

The new Craigflower Bridge will improve pedestrian and cyclist movement and safety on the approaches and over the bridge, which will promote and encourage green transportation. The structure will address a serious gap in the regional cycling network and will improve the accessibility for pedestrians, resulting in improved sustainable transportation in the area.

As well, project improvements will include the installation of energy-wise and adaptive lighting, and will enable the diversion and treatment of storm water before it enters the Gorge Waterway.