Craigflower Bridge Replacement & Admirals Road Upgrades

The District of Saanich and Town of View Royal are replacing the Craigflower Bridge and approach roads using funding from the Federal Gas Tax Fund.

2013 03 28 Craigflower Concept 2The replacement of the bridge and upgrades to Admirals Road began the second week of April 2013, and is anticipated to take approximately eight months to complete. As of Wednesday, April 10th, Admirals Road from Island Highway/Craigflower Road to Cowper Street are closed to vehicle traffic for the duration of the project.

The upgrades include the replacement of the 80 year old Craigflower Bridge, construction of new sidewalks, bike lanes, safety features and road surface on Admirals Road, improvements to street lighting, installation of stormwater treatment facilities and rain gardens, boulevard landscaping and improvements, a refurbished traffic signal at the intersection of Admirals Road and Gorge Road West and replacement of the sanitary sewer, storm drain and water mains on Admirals Road.

Gorge Sewer Replacement Project

To take advantage of lower traffic volumes due to the closure of the bridge, the District of Saanich is replacing approximately 1700 metres of sanitary sewer gravity and force mains along the Gorge Road between Admirals and Tillicum Roads. Most of the aging sewer system, constructed in the early 1950’s, is either failing structurally or is under capacity.

The newly constructed system will be installed “dry” on a new alignment, meaning that the existing system will be in use until such time that there is a switch over of servicing to the new. As there is planned construction of a new sewage pump station to replace two existing aged ones along Gorge Road, the new system switch over will be done after the pump station is constructed.

Construction starts July 2, 2013 and is expected to continue until the end of September. As there is no through access to Admirals Road due to the Craigflower Bridge construction, access to the Gorge Road in the sewer project area during the construction phase will be restricted to area residents. Access to the Canoe/Rowing Club parking lot near Tillicum Road will continue to be available to the public.